You’ll Never Regret Healing Your Gut

We all know that gut health is crucial to our health. Yet most of us are unaware of how important gut health really is. A healthy gut can be the difference between feeling good and feeling awful. If your gut is compromised or unhealthy, it can cause a wide range of negative physical and emotional […]

What is Functional Nutrition and How Can It Help Me?

  “Food is medicine.” I know, I know…This may sound so cliche to you. But, even to this date, this remains the greatest prescription in medical history ever given to humans, coined by the one and only Hippocrates almost 2500 years ago.  As medical science research and technology evolve over time, the demand for preventative […]

Navigating Food Choices : Jess’s Guide To Surviving Christmas

The holidays are coming, Christmas parties are in full swing, and you may have already felt that awful food anxiety start to set in. Here’s my guide to making better food choices this Christmas.

Why Eat Clean?

Do you feel weighed down by the toxic burden your body carries? Do you feel overwhelmed by poor diet, stress and the environment?

Tips for Feeding Families

When you’re a busy parent, eating a nutrient dense, wholefoods diet might seem overwhelming and time consuming.

Things Your Gut Loves

Here’s a list of super easy gut-loving foods to add to your diet! Cabbage rich in amino acids that strengthen and repair the gut lining

The Pill is Not the Answer

HORMONES are not always fixed by adding more hormones. In my practice, there is a lot of talk around the pill and how doctors prescribe it for hormone issues.

Common Symptoms of Parasites

If you think there is an issue with your gut, you’re probably right. News flash, you’re not crazy! It’s not all in your head and, often a complete stool test will prove you right.

The 7 Different Types of Rest

How many times do you continue to feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you get? How often do you feel that no one understands how tired you really are?

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