What is Functional Nutrition and How Can It Help Me?



“Food is medicine.”

I know, I know…This may sound so cliche to you. But, even to this date, this remains the greatest prescription in medical history ever given to humans, coined by the one and only Hippocrates almost 2500 years ago. 

As medical science research and technology evolve over time, the demand for preventative natural and alternative medicine becomes higher. 

People learn more in this digital age that they can find the root cause of a dysfunction or a symptom that they feel, instead of the traditional “pill to the ill” medical approach. And that is where Functional Nutrition plays a role.


So, what is Functional Nutrition? And how can it help you?

This is one of the questions I often get… and it’s something that I actually don’t talk enough about!

Functional Nutrition looks at the underlying dysfunction and deficiency in the body, at an organ, cellular, and system level, to uncover what is out of balance, and then build strategies around that. It uses food in the way it is intended:



It basically starts with understanding your symptoms by asking questions and intently listening, intake forms, relevant testing, identifying dysfunctional patterns, and more.

Finding out the symptoms is the first key step. Symptoms are only messengers telling you that something’s off in your system. Pay attention. Eating for your own body’s needs is much more powerful than using an internet blueprint.


If we ignore them, they multiply; if we “treat” them, ie. conventional medicine, the problems only get bigger or different; If we address the ROOT CAUSE by asking WHY, then the body heals.


When we can understand what’s happening in the body as a whole, and WHY it’s happening, then we can look at clear nutritional strategies to help the body to heal itself… that are based on what YOU actually NEED. 

It’s called… bio-individuality… and it’s your superpower 😉


So, instead of looking at it as nutrition from the outside going in (the old dietary approach), I’m looking at it as nourishing from the inside out.


Jess Wilson, Jess Wilson Nutrition, JessWilson

Basically, I tell people, “my job is to help you rebuild yourself.”

You can never give what you don’t have. Start within yourself. Know and listen to your body. Take care of it. So you can take care of the people and things you need to take care of. 

This is how Functional Nutrition can help you.

Besides, it’s not just about eating healthy…

It’s about getting your life back, in a body you love and finding your joy again. 

After all, isn’t that what life should be about?






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