The 7 Different Types of Rest

How many times do you continue to feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you get?

How often do you feel that no one understands how tired you really are?

That it’s not a physical kind of tiredness, but something much deeper?

And what if it wasn’t sleep that you need, but something else?

When it comes to taking a break, there are many different ways that slowing down can help, but it really depends on what kind of rest you need.

The 7 Different Types of Rest:

1. Physical Rest – To rest your body. To stop, to sleep. Be still. This kind of rest involves stopping all physical movement. It may include sleeping, laying down, or sitting in one place.

2. Mental Rest – To rest your mind and your worries. To switch off your thoughts. This is often where meditation is helpful, or finding quiet spaces and ways to control the “busyness” in your brain.

3. Sensory Rest – No more input. No more screens, media – information overload. Ever heard of a “social media detox”? This is a great tool for those who need sensory rest. This type of rest is about eliminating extra sources of external noise and input.

4. Creative Rest – Taking time to appreciate nature, your surroundings, the elements. Longing for the mountains? Sometimes, it’s not sleep that we need, but to get back out into good old Mother Nature! A walk on the beach, a hike to a waterfall, or simply standing with our face to the sun can act as a brilliant reset for your body.

5. Emotional Rest – Time to feel and heal. To stop pleasing people. To express yourself. Carrying the weight of emotional burdens is exhausting to the body and the brain, and suppressed feelings can cause fatigue and overwhelm. Releasing emotions by having a good cry, a talk with a friend, journaling or seeking help can bring a lot of relief!

6. Social Rest – Taking a break from the relationships that exhaust you. Saying no to social situations. Losing obligation and expectation. We place enough pressure on ourselves without the added pressures of society and our social groups. Taking some alone time and “hibernating” for a while is a great idea here.

7. Spiritual Rest – To reconnect with yourself. To rediscover who you are. A rest from the life that blocks your connection to self. To feel a deep sense of belonging, love and purpose again. Remember that you are your own best friend, but you need to make space for him/her too.

I firmly believe that we need to open the conversation around the rest, identify exactly what we need, and start being able to speak up.

So I’m asking you … Which type of rest do YOU need?


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