The Pill is Not the Answer

HORMONES are not always fixed by adding more hormones.

In my practice, there is a lot of talk around the pill and how doctors prescribe it for hormone issues. ( The Pill/Mirena are the same in this discussion by the way).

What if your hormone issue wasn’t really a hormone issue to begin with?

  • What if it was caused by insulin resistance from your diet?
  • What if stress and lack of sleep meant you had your foot on the gas with stress hormones instead?
  • What if your gut was actually recycling estrogen back into your body?
  • What if you’d already TAKEN the pill when you were younger and now your hormones are imbalanced… and they want to give you the pill again?

There are a ton of other ways to look at balancing your hormones without adding in external intervention like the pill, mirena etc.

What if I told you it’s way more effective (and much safer!) to balance your hormones through:

  1. Balancing your blood sugar – by eating healthy proteins and fats, fixing your timing and quality of carbs, and focussing on nutrient dense wholefoods? (Bye bye sugar rollercoaster, hello energy!)
  2. Fixing your sleep and stress – these are what I call “the upstream problem to the downstream problem”. Your hormones are entirely regulated by your brain, which is also very much impacted by your stress and sleep.
  3. Figuring out the ROOT CAUSE, not guessing? As always, we have to start with the foundations!
  4. And… working with a practitioner on a whole system solution, instead of band-aiding the problem.

Hormones are not necessarily fixed by taking the pill. Often, it’s just a mask for symptoms and dysfunction at a deeper level, and many people feel that it makes things much worse.

If you’ve been told by your doctor before to just take the pill for hormone problems, consider everything in this post first.

I think you’ll find, it makes a lot more sense.


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