Common Symptoms of Parasites

If you think there is an issue with your gut, you’re probably right.

News flash, you’re not crazy! It’s not all in your head and if you think something is up, often a complete stool test will prove you right.

Remember the whole trust your gut thing?

You are the single best judge of what feels right or wrong in your body and when it comes to gut health, your symptoms don’t lie.

If you’re:

  • Bloating (especially after dinner)
  • Experiencing Gut pain and cramping
  • Low in iron
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Have a weak immune system
  • Alternating constipation and loose bowel movements

Then it’s a clear sign that something isn’t quite right. Have you gone to the doctor or gastroenterologist before and been told “everything’s normal”??

A conventional stool test from your doctor unfortunately doesn’t show pretty much anything unless maybe a parasite that happens to be active at that point in time!

And… a colonoscopy might show inflammation but it doesn’t tell you what your microbiome is doing, what bacteria are in there, and how well you are digesting your food.

Now for the great news! There is always so much more we can do.

When I do Microbiome Testing in my practice it’s usually because a client has come to me complaining of gut issues that are not resolved simply with a bit of “clean eating”. Parasites, in particular, can actually affect your whole body, long after the acute bout of tummy problems has occurred.

I get very suspicious that there may be bugs living in there when I see a combination of things like bloating, fatigue, iron deficiency, irregular bowels, sleep problems and mood swings. You have to remember with parasites that you are the host, and they will do anything they can to take over your body and survive – Including triggering your cravings to feed them sugar!

As the parasites nicely embed themselves in your environment and the infection grows, the gut and immune system weakens, you become depleted in nutrients, the fatigue worsens and BAM!

Many of my clients actually say they literally feel like something has taken over their bodies! Well…. yes. Parasite eradication is critical to long term health, and in most cases, that’s why you feel like you can’t win the gut war with food alone.

Stool testing (Microbiome Mapping) is the first place to start if you think you’ve got something sneaky going on.

If you’d like to get your gut tested, find out more on my Gut Health page or book to see me here. Nothing I love more than killing these little invaders and seeing my clients spring back to life.


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