Tips for Feeding Families

When you’re a busy parent, eating a nutrient dense, wholefoods diet might seem overwhelming and time consuming.

Often, we reach for convenience foods even when we know they aren’t the right choice – simply because we have run out of time (and let’s face it busy mum, you’re exhausted!)

Below are my top tips for simplifying your family’s diet while still providing nourishing foods – and making it easy and achievable in the process.

  • Always buy double. This will ensure you don’t run out of things to cook.
  • Always cook double eg. when roasting a chicken, roast two, and double the veg to make a frittata or salad the next day.
  • Always have one lot of extra cooked protein and one lot of defrosted protein in the fridge.
  • When prepping the evening meal, ask yourself: “What else could I be prepping or chopping at the same time”? Maximise your efficiency in the kitchen.
  • Try to eat and prepare foods in their whole forms as much as possible.
  • Serve simple, “deconstructed” meals, platter style. This way everyone gets to choose what they need. A protein, a veg dish, a salad, and lots of condiments and extra fats.
  • Set a meal plan in your mind that gives you consistency. I like to start with the Sunday roast. So: roast on Sundays, broth or soup on Mondays (made from Sundays bones), even fish and “chip” Fridays. This will help you feel more organised when looking at the week ahead. You can vary the types of dishes and swap out proteins, but the consistency is there.
  • Batch cook your breakfasts. Savoury mince, pre-boiled eggs, meatballs, chia puddings and pre-prepared smoothie jars are all great go-to breakfasts for busy families.
  • Order your food and fresh produce online for delivery.
  • Keep your recipes simple!
  • Always have eggs in your fridge. They’re a perfect meal or snack for any time of day.
  • Get the family involved. Set everyone a designated task to make it easier for you. It’s a wonderful way to connect.



Remember that food is the love that bonds families. A little extra time in the kitchen translates to a whole lot of love on the plate!

We all know that feeding a hungry family can be tricky and time consuming, but healthy family meals are a great way to bring everyone together and keep you all going strong!


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