Things Your Gut Loves

Here’s a list of super easy gut-loving foods to add to your diet!

rich in Vitamin U, a wonderful healing compound

Bone Broth
rich in amino acids that strengthen and repair the gut lining

Brassica Vegetables eg. broccoli, cauliflower
provide a source of fuel for friendly bacteria

highly nourishing to the microbiome, always buy organic!

Oily fish eg. salmon, sardines, mackerel
anti-inflammatory omega 3’s keep inflammation levels in check

Probiotic Foods eg. Kimchi
wonderful for digestion – they add beneficial bacteria and enzymes to help break down your food

Onions, Garlic, Leeks
prebiotic powerhouse foods that help to nourish the good guys and keep the bad guys out

Why do I love these foods for gut health?

Well they’re super easy to add to your diet, and full of probiotic, prebiotic and healing benefits to keep your good bugs thriving, inflammation low and walls of your gut nice and tight.

Cabbage is rich in an enzyme called Vitamin U that is great for gut health, bone broth is one of the best healing foods for leaky gut, brassica veggies as well as onions, garlic and leek can all be great sources of food and fibre for your Microbiome, apples have a highly nourishing and natural detoxifying effect with a substance called pectin, oily fish is great for omega 3 and inflammation and kimchi and fermented foods can really help with digestion and breakdown.

Are you getting enough of these in your diet?


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