Nutrition and Travel: What To Do To Stay Healthy While Travelling

Right from when I was young, I have loved to explore different places, and even now, I love a good road trip! Being lucky enough to share my story and take my work on the road is something I treasure, because I get to inspire and uplift people, and doing that in person (especially after what 2020 – 2022 brought) really reminds me of the power of real human connection.

Traveling (even for work) never fails to make me feel the most vibrant, excited and energetic me.

I do get a lot of questions about how I stay fit and healthy when I travel, especially when forced to sit for long periods, dealing with fatigue and not having access to my favourite foods (or kitchen).

Let me share my travel tips with you.

Traveling can challenge your health goals because it takes you out of your routine and environment, but it can also be a wonderful way to eat new foods, take some down time and diversify your microbiome. You can absolutely still stay healthy, fit and energised while you’re on the road… as long as you have a plan!

When I travel, I do a few things to keep my nutrition intact and my body functioning well.

(Particularly if you travel for business… you need your brain switched on and your energy high!)




  • First stop: find a supermarket for bottled water. You need that hydration after a long plane flight or car ride, and tap water can be full of chemicals, toxins and even parasites and bacteria (eeeek). Invest in good quality bottles water and keep drinking to combat fatigue and nausea.


  • I also buy snacks: apples, jerky, nuts and flaxseed crackers. These are excellent sources of fibre that can nourish your gut to keep the bgacteria happy and also help you avoid constipation. Plus, these are also convenient foods to have on hand for when there aren’t any healthy food choices nearby.


  • Find a place that does green smoothies! After having been in the car, bus, or plane for hours, and with a jam packed schedule ahead of you, a daily green smoothie is exactly what you need to gain nutrients and refresh your body. A good green smoothie with be filled with vitamins and minerals you need to boost your immunity and increase your energy!


  • Next, load up on protein at breakfast so you can go all day if you need to. Protein can help you stay fuller for longer. It keeps your hunger at bay because it takes longer to digest, and doesn’t spike your blood sugar the way that refined carbs do. Consuming protein regularly during your trip is the best move you can make to avoid stopping at convenience stores for junk foods and processed foods.


  • Research restaurants in advance. Always plan where you’ll eat! Look for local restaurants that serve healthy, authentic whole foods. Make sure to look for the ones that fit your diet – many will advertise that they are gluten free or cater to dietary requirements. You can read the menus online, and have a plan to stay healthy while still indulging in a good meal out.


  • Take a good probiotic and extra magnesium. These are powerful supplements that protect your gut and help fight bacteria and viruses, which can ruin your vacation.Magnesium also improves sleep and keeps your bowels moving regularly.


  • Eat local produce— the  more local, the better! Look for local farmers markets for vegetables, support local restaurants, and try healthy native cuisines. This is great because it will help you avoid processed food and have meals that are freshly made with local products while still supporting the local community.


  • And lastly, relax!— The trick is not to overthink it! Enjoy being in a new environment while travelling and appreciate the beauty of the places you are going. Take time to eat slowly and mindfully and find new ways to relieve stress and boost your mental health (like a morning beach walk before your green smoothie).


You can enjoy travel, even when it’s busy,  without sacrificing your physical health.


Do you find it hard to eat healthy when traveling?

What ways, tips, and tricks are you doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road?

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