Healthy Easy Breakfast Ideas for this New Year 2023

“Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day,” we’ve all heard this before. We were taught as children to start our days with something to eat. However, many of us are guilty of foregoing a healthy breakfast in favour of an extra 10 minutes in bed or a stronger cup of coffee whenever we have busy mornings. 

But for this New Year, it’s important to choose a healthier route and go for meal practices and food that your gut loves! Healthy breakfast is important to start your day (and your year) with a good mood, so you’re more likely to get more done throughout the day. 

“New Year, New me” is the right attitude! Preparing healthy breakfasts is not just about making nutritious meals, it’s also about making sure that you have control over what goes in and how much you eat. Better start the year with taking the first step in eating healthy!

A healthy blood-sugar balancing breakfast recipe should always be front of mind. Not only is everything from fried eggs to healthy pancakes delicious (and worth waking up for!), but making time for a morning meal to truly nourish your body sets the tone for the rest of our day. Choose meals that are right just for you and your gut! With that, here are some healthy breakfast ideas to start your day right!


Sweet Potato Toasts

When you want something warm in the morning, sweet potato toast is a healthy, gluten-free option. They’re extremely simple to make ahead of time, and the toppings can be varied to keep each morning exciting. A healthy way to make this is to simply roast the sweet potato slices in the oven and store them in the refrigerator until ready to use. You may reheat them in the toaster like you would a slice of bread. If you’re short on time, you can actually cook the slicer direct in the toaster, just repeat for 3 cycles! Winning havk! 

For toppings, try coconut yoghurt and blueberries, or avocado smash. This savory breakfast will satisfy your gut and your blood sugar snd get you off that morning carb train. Recipe to this delicious meal is in my Easy Breakfast Recipe Ebook


Avocado Toast


Avocado toast is simply toasted bread topped with either mashed or sliced avocado. Many individuals, however, will add toppings such as eggs, fruits, veggies, seasonings, and other ingredients. It has grown in popularity as a breakfast and brunch food, both at home and in restaurants.

I always recommend a good whole foods gluten free seed bread, or a low carb protein bread.

Avocado toast is a good source of healthy fats, fibre vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.. Toppings such as eggs, smoked salmon, and hemp seeds, for example, would increase the protein and good fat content.  I have the perfect recipe in my Easy Breakfast Recipe Ebook, you might want to check that out.


Healthy Banana Bread

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Struggling to kick the sugar? Have a sweet tooth in the mornings? They say the best healthy breakfast ideas are the simplest. Make a delicious breakfast with your overly-ripe bananas! A healthy banana bread is a terrific breakfast option because it is sweet, moist, and delicious – instead of refined white flour, use grain-free options like almond meal and tapioca, and some fresh pastured eggs to bind it. Toast with butter and cinnamon as a classic pairing, or you may add your favourite nut butter for another dose of blood-sugar-balancing healthy protein and fat.. Because of the presence of healthy fats, banana bread contains a beneficial source of energy. Furthermore, it has the capacity to control blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol levels.


Light & Fluffy Pancakes

A crisp crust and a delicate, airy inside are what pancake dreams are made of. .Pancakes can be a healthy breakfast option when made with nutritional ingredients and low carb flours like coconut flour or almond meal or buckwheat.. These nutritious pancakes when made with my recipes contain fibre and will keep you full. Pancakes produced with all-purpose flour, on the other hand, may cause blood sugar spikes. If you want to boost the protein content of this generally low-protein breakfast, consider adding some cottage cheese, nut butter, extra eggs, or some protein powder.

A simpler recipe version of a classic light and fluffy can be found in my Easy Breakfast Recipe Ebook! Be sure to check that out!


Savory Egg Muffins

Looking for an easy healthy breakfast baked with all the goodness? I got you covered! The beloved muffin, a quick and easybreakfast that can be eaten on the run. If you prepare your own muffins, they can be a great healthy breakfast alternative to start your morning.

For this quick breakfast, look for recipes that include protein-rich ingredients such as as whole eggs or egg whites, almond flour, yogurt, or bacon, , as well as fibre-rich foods such as veggies, flaxseed, coconut flour, and psyllium huskfor a breakfast packed with goodness. Make a batch and this can be shared with your family or even workmates as well. Check out my recipe in  Easy Breakfast Recipe Ebook!


Healthy Granola

One easy healthy breakfast is the classic granola. Granola is commonly regarded as a healthy morning cereal. But I can promise you, store-bought granola is anything but healthy, and most people find processed grains and even oats irritating to the gut. A Healthy Granola is more balanced with protein and fat nd fibre. It’s a toasted mixture of things like rolled coconut, nuts, seeds and a healthy sweetener like maple syrup or honey, You can also add a little dried fruit, seeds, spices, and nut butters such as almond butter 

Granola has long been a favourite of hikers and backpackers due to its ease of storage and lengthy shelf life. No diffetent for a batch-kept breakfast at home! This delicious breakfast gives extra energy and protein and will keep well on the shelf. 


Blueberry Almond Smoothie

Start the day with this sweet and creamy smoothie! My Blueberry Almond Butter Smoothie is a nutritious breakfast or snack that can be made with frozen blueberries from the supermarket or fresh summer blueberries that you harvested and frozen yourself. 

The flavour works so well together! With its unexpectedly amazing blend of sweet and nutty flavours and thick, creamy texture, you’ll always want more. Plus, not only do you get a dose of low sugar fruit, but you also get protein to fuel your day, and it’s a naturally gluten free smoothie recipe with vegan breakfast options. For that extra boost, you may opt to put some extra love by including prebiotics to your smoothie.


One Pan Eggs and Greens

As part of a balanced diet, a scrambled eggs and spinach breakfast can give a range of health advantages and help you reach your daily nutrient recommendations. Eggs with spinach is a perfect healthy breakfast you can always make. Spinach contains plenty of calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin A. Eggs are high in vitamin B-12 and vitamin D. 

Start your day off right with this nutritious breakfast. You can also include asparagus in it as it pairs well with any form of omelette.  Get the recipe in my Easy Breakfast Recipe Ebook!


Choc Chia Bowl

Another healthy breakfast idea you might want to have in your recipe book is this scrumptious choc chia bowl! Start the day off right with a healthy and tasty breakfast of choc chia pudding topped with roasted nuts. It’s like having a dessert for breakfast, but without the guilt! With healthy ingredients like chia seeds, this easy breakfast is packed with healthy omega 3 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants and fibre. They help make meals more substantial and fulfilling without weighing you down because of their gelling characteristics.  Get the recipe in my Easy Breakfast Recipe Ebook!


Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Bowl

A great way to start the day is to have a healthy dose of proteins. One classic breakfast that comes to mind is Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Bowl! They’re easy to make, which made them a constant favourite healthy breakfast. 

This easy to whip bowl of protein goodness does not require much. This has been a winner in so many of my meal plans! Eggs are abundant in protein and also high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So, if consumed in moderation, bacon and eggs can be a healthy breakfast meal. Check out my recipe in  Easy Breakfast Recipe Ebook!


Shakshuka Eggs

There are a million shakshuka recipe variations available these days. Some have a tomato foundation, while others use fresh greens. Whatever they are, they usually include eggs cooked in a rich sauce. Shakshuka is a straightforward dish that consists of gently poached eggs in a delightful chunky tomato and bell pepper sauce. 

This breakfast meal is said to have originated in Tunisia and is popular throughout North Africa and the Middle East. It’s so filling that you can have it for breakfast. Traditional shakshuka is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and potassium. The eggs and spices add protein and flavour. This recipe is filling and deliciously healthy.  I have the perfect recipe in my Easy Breakfast Recipe Ebook, you might want to check that out.


Breakfast Casserole

Each slice of this quick egg breakfast casserole is rich, savory, and filling. Also, most recipes are amazingly convenient because they can be made ahead of time and are infinitely flexible. Very much like quiche, you can create it with your favourite spices and cheese, veggies like peppers and mushroom, proteins like sausage or bacon, or vegetarian.

Breakfast casserole is a hearty all-in-one dish that can be made ahead of time, feeds a multitude, reheats nicely, and stores well.



Breakfast is an excellent way to keep you fuelled all day, if you get the nutrients right!. While some people prefer to forgo a balanced breakfast, others require it to get going. If you enjoy breakfast, eating nutritious foods can give you long-lasting energy and keep you full for several hours. Fibre, protein, healthy fats, and minerals are what you need to focus on.

While it’s ideal to avoid unhealthy selections that are high in sugar, refined carbs, and chemicals, knowing what to choose can be difficult. As a result, the list above will assist you in making a well-rounded breakfast.

Many of these quick breakfasts take less than five minutes to prepare and use five or fewer ingredients. And because you’re saving time on breakfast, you’ll have more time later in the day to prepare one of our favourite healthy lunch ideas or easy healthy supper recipes. 

You can find the best healthy breakfast recipes for these meals in my Easy Breakfast Recipe Ebook! Be sure to check it out! It will be your guide in preparing easy, healthy, and hearty meals throughout the week.


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