Happy Clients

“Twice over the last few years I have used Jess from paradigm shift to reset my body and my lifestyle.
Both times I was at a crisis point and both time the results were what I can only describe as life changing. The first time was for gut issues. I had reached a stage where I could not eat anything without excruciating pain, nausea and diarrhoea.

I could not work out what was causing the issues because I was reacting to everything. I was “surviving” by not eating before 11, then taking a combination of gastro-stop and pain relief to manage the symptoms. I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to start.

Crisis point hit when I spent the evening crying in pain unable to leave the bathroom. I contacted Jess and over a period of three months she guided me through an elimination diet“

Bel Salter

“I am a complex case.. Food hang upś, exercise addict, chronic illness, gut issues, weird dietary habits and the worst of it, I think I know alot about nutrition. But I have been working with Jess Wilson for almost two years now and I have seen major improvements in my mindset, health and lifestyle. From the initial consultation with Jess, she’s both supportive & helpful.“

Cheryl Ewing

“I’ve been seeing Jess for three years and it’s no overstatement to say she’s changed my life. Jess is like a health detective: chasing down answers to health issues even where the most devoted integrative GP or specialist will stop. Jess identified parasites and gluten intolerance in my kids (which explained their anaemia), and gluten intolerance in me, and guided, encouraged and supported me“

Julia May

“I have worked with Jess on many different levels over the years from cleanses, challenges & now more in depth with a customised protocol after extensive testing/investigations.

My health is improving – I am feeling far more vibrant, energised & balanced. I have a MUCH better understanding of what is going on in my body, certain intolerances/imbalances I have and why. Jess has a way of explaining things so easily with realistic ideas for healing – she is a wealth of knowledge.

Jess is a beautiful person inside & out – sooooo understanding & adaptable to each individual with a lot of tips/tricks up her sleeve to share for busy mums which I have found super helpful for me personally. “

Kelly Ford

“I can’t recommend or thank Jess enough. She was so understanding and supportive throughout my time with her, as well as gently pushing me when she knew I needed it!

Not only did she walk me through the the program, but she was always available for a chat, offering support and advice. She taught me how to eat for my gut and put me onto great additional help for my Hashimotos. Not only have I recommended her to close friends, but I would recommend her to anyone.“

Liesl Robinson

“I have been working with Jess for almost 12 months now.
In that time she has helped me immensely, in a multitude of ways! We have covered diet, hormones, gut health, liver, cortisol levels – you name it, she’s assisted me and supported me to make the best possible choices
to living a healthy life.

I sought out a lot of help previously to Jess, mainly from doctors and their answer was to always put me on anti-depressants. Jess was focussed on finding out the why to the problems, not just masking the symptoms. I couldn’t be more happier“

Paula Sibosado

“I first time I met Jess was through Life and Soul Karratha when I was doing the 2019 Christmas Cracker Challenge.

Her meal plans for this challenge were delicious, very easy to follow and gave me a new perspective on the types of food that I was putting into my body. These recipes were so good that I still cook them regularly. Once the challenge finished I again connected with Jess with coaching for myself, again gaining a better understanding of my sleep, stress and food. Fast forward to January 2021 I was suffering with persistent diarrhoea and despite numerous visits to the doctor and the emergency department they could give me no answers. I knew that this was not normal for my body and was thinking that I needed something more than the drs.“

Rhondda Tittums

“I have had the privilege of working with Jess for a number of years…not only is she an incredible practitioner, but a dear friend too. My journey with food over the years has had its ups and downs, but the one constant throughout has been the generous love, support and encouragement I have received from Jess. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and has a wonderful way of explaining how our bodies react to the food we put into them. Her meal plans are”

Rozalynne Wright

“I had been trying for years to get to the bottom of my tummy troubles. I had food intolerances, heartburn, bloating, puffiness and was generally feeling like rubbish.
After working with Jess, I am a different person. Jess got me off all of the medication that I was on, and my body is now working as it should by itself.

I have cleaned up my diet and now have a much better relationship with food“

Taryn Yates

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