Leading Guest Speaker & Podcast Guest in Australia

Leading Guest Speaker & Podcast Guest in Australia

Jess Empowers Real Change

“We don’t have a right to the cards we think we should have been dealt.  We have a responsibility to play the hell out of the ones we are holding”.

Jess Wilson is an internationally recognised high level nutrition coach and speaker, who has taken the story of how she had to save her two boys lives and turned it into a legacy of empowerment and hope.

She inspires people to get back in the drivers seat of their body and their lives.

Having been featured on multiple stages and corporate offices in many locations as a speaker, workshop presenter and emcee, Jess’s impact has earned her a reputation for invoking global changes and filling her audiences with energy and a zest for life.

See below how Jess can enrich your event as a keynote & motivational speaker.  Contact Jess via the form below to receive her Specialist Presentation Package or discuss your specific requirements.

Speaking Topics

  • Signature Keynote Talk Big, Happy, Joyful Life
  • The Body-Mind ConnectionExploring how physical health impacts mental health
  • Eat Your Way to Better EnergySustenance over stress, right?
  • Ten Steps to Heal Your Relationship with FoodExplore triggers, attachments and behaviours
  • Tailor a Topic to Your AudienceStructured talks to suit your specific event


  • Rewriting the Reflux Story: How Wholefoods Helped a Family Thrivelink here
  • Nourish Yourself Better Mummalink here
  • NTA Vodcast | Functional Nutrition for PTSD with Jess Wilson, FNTPlink here
  • Hormones, Thyroid and your Microbiome - A Deep Dive with Jess Wilsonlink here
  • Excess Estrogen and The Gut Connectionlink here
  • Turns out gut health is really a thing with Jess Wilsonlink here
  • Why healing your gut is the best thing to you'll ever do with Jess Wilsonlink here
  • Hormones, Cortisol, excess belly fat and the stress connection (Men and Women) with Jess Wilsonlink here
  • Healing with real food nutritionlink here
  • Our relationship with food - with Jess Wilsonlink here
  • The truth about Dairy - Jess Wilson Nutritionlink here
  • Jess Wilson: Stress Burnout and Healing Through Foodlink here

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