Speaking and Podcasts

Speaking and Podcasts

There's a difference between responsibility and blame. One will empower your health journey, the other will not.

As a speaker and an advocate for global wellness, my goal is always to inspire people to take back control of their own bodies. My story of my boys and I is powerful, and it taught me that our mindset is our greatest asset when it comes to health.
In order to change the way we feel, first we must change the way we think.

Speaking Topics

  • Our Relationship With FoodWhat Went Wrong? & 10 Steps To Healing
  • Nourishing Through A CrisisHow To Eat In Times Of Stress
  • Responsibility vs Blame - One Will Empower You!Taking Control Of Our Health
  • Is it The Gut Or The Stress?The Impact Of Stress and Our Modern Lives On The Gut
  • Eat Your Way To Better Health and HappinessHow The Food You Eat Can Be Your Greatest Tool For Energy
  • The Joy ConnectionThe Best Medicine For Your Body, Your Brain and Your Gut
  • Big, Happy, Joyful LifeTurning Bitter Into Better and Writing Your Own Health Story


  • Excess Estrogen and The Gut Connectionlink here
  • Turns out gut health is really a thing with Jess Wilsonlink here
  • Why healing your gut is the best thing you'll ever do with Jess Wilsonlink here
  • Hormones, Cortisol, excess belly fat and the stress connection (Men and Women) with Jess Wilsonlink here
  • Healing with real food nutritionlink here
  • Our relationship with food - with Jess Wilsonlink here
  • The truth about Dairy - Jess Wilson Nutritionlink here

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