Protein & Nutrition

Pure Electrolyte capsules (80 capsules)


My rockstar for body replenishment

The Collagen Elixir (120g)


My favourite addition to the beauty regime

The Super Elixir (300g – 30 serves)


My daily morning greens powder - never start my day without it!

Nourishing Protein (300g)


My all-time top pick for protein powders! (that tastes and feels great - I promise!)

Adrenal & Energy

Ashwagandha (90 ml)


My constant when I want to use powerful ancient healing methods

Fully Charged (30 Capsules)


My go to when we need more life & vitality!

Real Ketones


My superstar for the metabolic hack  

Gut Health

Gut Care Powder (150g)


A great choice for gentle gut healing

Wander Gut (75g)


My favourite form of a soothing gut hug

Prebiotic Gut Goodness (75g)


My favourite for building a beautifully diverse rainforest in the gut

Gut Relieve – 90 Capsules


A digestive rockstar and enzyme support for happy tummies

Hormones & PMS


Sleep Remedy (90 capsules)


My most popular sleep support - it's the best!

Sleep Remedy Kids (30 packets)


My magic sleep potion for the little humans

Hair & Skin

Recipe eBooks

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