Gut and Hormones

Gut and Hormones

This is exactly what I specialise in.

Comprehensive testing and a tailored healing protocol that’s right for you is the best way to make sure that we are addressing your gut and hormone imbalances right from the root. As a Certified and Trained Gut Health and Hormone Practitioner I have access to some of the best testing and healing solutions available – and that means we can get you feeling a tone better!

* All Gut and Hormone protocols require an initial consultation first.

How It works

Complete Microbiome Mapping - From $390

This is a non-invasive stool test that provides a wealth of information about your microbiome, your digestive function, your gut’s immune system and whether there may be any pathogens present.

Food Sensitivity Testing - From $599

This is a simple blood test that can test for a sensitivity reaction to up to 200 foods, as well as environmental toxins, moulds and more. Please book a consult to discuss.

Hormone Testing - From $499

I use the DUTCH urine and saliva hormone test for both men and women which offers an in-depth insight into your body’s hormone levels – particularly sex hormones, stress hormones, and the detoxification pathways that help to clear them out.

Adrenal Hormone Testing - From $130

Testing stress hormones can be a valuable tool when addressing adrenal health. I use a range of testing options that can be added onto gut and hormone testing, or simply tested on their own. Please book a consult to discuss.

Book Gut and Hormones Consult

Note: All gut and hormone clients require an initial consultation with Jess prior to testing.

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